What HFJ Can & Can’t Do

Hunt For Justice, Inc. is currently developing a strategic plan to offer comprehensive coverage to law enforcement officers. We will soon be releasing more details, but in the interim, we ask that you take a look at a brief description of services we plan to offer. We are glad to hear any suggestions you may have as we want to offer the most comprehensive services available.

What We Can Do

With a membership to Hunt For Justice, we can provide a myriad of services. If involved in an on duty related incident, members must notify HFJ staff that services need to be initiated. Once initiated, some or all of the services will be in place to defend you:

Money for Legal Defense
You choose your attorney and he or she sends the bill to HFJ for payment. Direct billing to HFJ helps the member by giving him or her one less thing to worry about when faced with life changing issues. 

If services are initiated, your case will be immediately added to the Hunt For Justice website and your will be profiled so that anyone that visits the site can learn about your case. We at HFJ have extensive experience in developing and marketing strategic sites and accounts to spread the message about your case. Through the website, visitors can donate directly to your cause through a PayPal account which is managed by Hunt For Justice. While donations are important, there will also be an area on the site where your supporters can sign an electronic petition or sign letters for mailing to elected officials. The website will also offer an area for comment where supporters can leave positive messages for the member. HFJ staff and web developers will maintain a constant watch on the comments and will never allow negative comments to be released on the site.

HFJ will coordinate and organize fundraisers to assist members with unexpected finances that are incurred during difficult times. For example, if a member is terminated for an act that occurred on duty, HFJ will hold fundraisers so that co-workers, peers, and members of the community can contribute to the defense of wrongful accusations. Examples of fundraisers in which HFJ has coordinated are Trivia Nights, Golf Tournaments, Rallies, Auctions, Raffles, Duck Drops, Poker Tournaments, and Mouse Races to name a few.

Media Relations / Press Releases
HFJ will release statements on your behalf to our extensive media contacts. Through media attention and strategic alliances, HFJ can shed light on any situation and be able to tell the “entire” story. Additionally, HFJ can be a voice for elected officials, government executives, attorneys, sheriffs and police chiefs who face public scrutiny as it relates to your incident.

Social Media Creation and Monitoring
HFJ will develop and maintain Facebook and twitter accounts to get the truth out about your incident. We all know that social media has become the leader in information distribution.

What We Can’t Do

HFJ cannot appear for you in court or disciplinary hearing.

HFJ cannot participate in election campaigns or donate to elected officials.

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