Detective Bill Rowe

Detective Rowe was one of four St. Charles County Regional Drug Task Force Detectives who was criminally charged for actions that stemmed from arresting a wanted fugitive.  Through fundraisers, Hunt For Justice was able to provide financial support to Detective Rowe and his family when needed the most.

Because he was backed and supported by Hunt For Justice, St. Charles County and the public, Detective Rowe remains employed with the St. Charles County Police Department and has been promoted to Sergeant.  He no longer has the charges on his record.

Detective Rowe’s Story:

On February 5, 2009, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the East Central Drug Task Force requested assistance from the St. Charles County Drug Task Force in locating and arresting a wanted methamphetamine cook who was also a fugitive from justice. The suspect was wanted for failing to appear for sentencing on a methamphetamine manufacturing felony conviction and was also wanted for felony child endangerment. This meth cook is also known to possess firearms and has an extensive criminal history.

Upon request, the St Charles County Drug Task Force provided three officers for assistance. After coordinating a controlled delivery of pseudo-ephedrine, an informant notified law enforcement via telephone that she was inside the Montgomery County residence with the suspect. Additional officers from Warren County, the East Central Drug Task Force and St. Charles County were contacted to help. The police on the scene surrounded the house in an attempt to make contact with the suspect. Knocks on the door and announcement of police presence went unanswered by the suspect and the informant.

Additional officers arrived on scene and a meth lab could be seen on the front porch. Additionally, the meth cook, peeked through the window from the kitchen area of the house.

Based on challenging circumstances and the fact that the suspect had multiple felony arrest warrants, officers forced entry into the house. The suspect was located hiding in the bathroom, refused to comply with orders to be placed under arrest, and resisted all attempts. After being subdued by several officers from different agencies, the suspect was taken to the Montgomery County Jail. Prior to being taken to the jail, the suspect’s injuries were documented as a minor cut to his face and scrapes to his knees and elbows which all resulted from his resistance to a lawful arrest. He declined medical attention at the scene.

On October 30, 2009, Detective Rowe was criminally charged with assault and filing a false report.  He no longer has these charges on his record.

Detective Rowe is fully supported by retired Sheriff, Tom Neer, and remains employed with the St. Charles County Police Department under Colonel David Todd.

Detective Rowe was was represented, by Kansas City area attorney, Michael Rader.

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